Adam was born in Leicester and was in many bands performing at clubs pubs and RAF & army Bases for many years. He started his music life as a drummer and still is an accomplished player.  He then, as many drummers do, turned his attention to the bass guitar and when he joined the band I was in ,'Brandy', he started adding fab harmonies and put our function band on another level.  We fell in love after he had been with us for a year or so (if it was up to me it would have been earlier!) and we got married on 31st May 1997 in my home town of Loughborough. Eventually the band all went their separate ways and Adam took up the guitar and we formed our duo, which we called 'Branded', Specialising in weddings and dinner dances.

We came to The Algarve for the first time in the early part of 2003 on a sort of Busmans holiday, with a group of golfers/musicians. We were invited as the entertainers and got a free villa!  We instantly fell in love with the beauty and charm of The Algarve and we really started to think about what we could offer. On the flight home we made the decision.....we were gonna give it a go......as long as I could bring the dog of course!  So the following December of the same year we made the move, with just one gig in the book!!

So here we are over 16 years later...........

After doing our first 'gig' the ball started to roll and we became extremely busy working at weddings, dinner dances, cocktail receptions, restaurants, bars and holiday resorts.

In 2005 I got pregnant and our lovely daughter was born later the same year,.....She is now our Portuguese translator! And musically, maybe our retirement!!

The point is, we're still here!  We're very well established and experienced and professional at what we do.  We wear the right hat for the right occasion, read a crowd incredibly well and love performing and entertaining people with an engaging and energetic show.
Please click on the Live Music Algarve icon below to watch and listen to some of our Live Music Algarve videos.

Wendy x